7th and 8th Grade Blazers

All 7th and 8th graders will have the opportunity to be evaluated for the Quix Stix Blazers teams. These teams are for those girls who would like to participate in tournament play and are ready for a more competitive level of lacrosse. Evaluations for the Blazers teams are held in October and/or beginning of November.  There will be two teams selected, a Grey Blazers team and a Maroon Blazers team. Beginning in February, and continuing through May, practices will be held at the coaches' discretion. Games will be held on Saturdays, and a few Sundays, against teams from other townships' programs. Additionally, there will be 2-3 tournaments on Saturdays or Sundays. The players selected to the Blazers will pay an additional cost to cover any incremental fees associated with the teams, such as coaches fees and tournament fees. Any player not selected for the Blazers, or who chooses not to try out for the teams, will be placed on the 7th/8th grade house team.